Our Story

We are a family owned business located in Noble Square, a Chicago area neighborhood within West Town, we serve Artisan Italian Gelato, Sorbet,  Savory & Sweet Crepes, Pastries, Gourmet Espresso and Specialty Blends.

Food is not just about flavors and ingredients; it’s about sharing epicurean pleasures with a community of friends and family. We invite you to visit our neighborhood gelateria and experience the Italian tradition! It’s all about quality for us, from the ingredients, to the process, to your cone and we believe you will agree.

Gelato Greco takes organic milk, cream, eggs, sugar, fruits and nuts and combines them using traditional Italian ice cream making methods to create a unique product of unparalleled quality. We are proud to be one of the first gelateria in Chicago to make gelato using a process and equipment found in the best gelateria’s of Italy. In fact the process is so unique, so special, that we want to show it off and, as they say in Italy, “make it in front of everyone.” That’s right, you can watch the whole process as the gelato chefs create everything for you from scratch.

We realized that our passion to produce the best gelato possible could only be done by adopting an old-world artisan style, as opposed to the popular industrial methods being used by the overwhelming majority of gelaterias today.

To make our gelato beautiful, creamy and smooth it takes more time, is more complicated and is much more difficult than the typical method of producing your boring, run-of-the-mill, additive-filled, store bought ice cream. We think you deserve the best and we invite you to drop by to see and taste the difference!